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TÜNKERS Customer Magazine AuoFocus No. 3 | NIMAK Technology Centre | New manual combination clamp | EXPERT Slip ring | Electric clamps

All about mobility, Lightyear One - the solar car, stories about automation, vanished car brand Gurgel


Swivel- and positioning clamp SCP 40 | Rackchangersystem | Modular C-Frame System | LogiMAT from 31.05.-02.06.2022

The new TÜNKERS swivel- and positioning clamp SCP 40 combines two functions in one:
The component is positioned by an eccentric during the rotary movement. This is followed by the clamping stroke to hold the component securely. In contrast to other swing clamps, the rotation of the clamping arm takes place without movement in the clamping direction. In case of compressed air failure, the clamp remains closed.


NIMAK welding gun configurator | Electric clamps from TÜNKERS | Partial automation of carsets | New virtual showroom

With the new NIMAK welding gun configurator, our customers now have the possibility to download a variety of robot and manual gun models directly from our NIMAK website. Thanks to the clever functionality of the configurator, NIMAK customers are now able to assemble their individual welding tool very quickly and in just a few simple steps. After completing the configuration, the user receives a download link for the appropriate 3D model in STEP format.



TÜNKERS Autofocus | ReUse and ReTooling | EXPERT drum systems | Added value on conveyors

The magazine all about cars: innovations, technologies, stories, production, locations, art...


Nut Welding Unit | TOS One Screw System | Product Finder Mini Clamps | TÜNKERS C-frame in use | Safety pin SA 40 V

The complete system from TÜNKERS NIMAK.
Medium-frequency converter, multi-force cylinder, pneumatic unit, cooling water system, feeding unit, C-frame - all from a single source.